volition in its weakest form.

Velleity, a mere wish, a level of volition, a word deriving from the French word velle, which stands for the idea of will or to be willing and most importantly, the title of Monterey Trail High Schools very own magazine - a magazine that represents the artistic side of the students that roam around the ordinary grounds of the school.

However, why velleity? What makes the word so important that the Literary Art class decided to name the memoirs of the students after its weird looking form or the fact that velleity is a wish unaccompanied by effort? Simple as it may sound, every one of us has velleity eating up our soul, waiting to break free, to be recognized, and to put in to action. Going through the piles of submissions from a variety of students, Teffy (Stephanie Chiu) and I recognized one pattern; these students are artistic beyond measure, from their use of certain words to the distinct color in their canvas to finding the amount of light needed to bring out the subject of their photographs (all shows creativity). Even though they are talented, it is obvious that they tend to hide their capabilities of creating a masterpiece - one that will win them the acknowledgement that they deserve, and well, choose to live with velleity - a wish to express their innermost thoughts, and the will to share their thoughts and feelings with others.

Having so many talented students, we are determined to be the push that will guide them out of their shell, into reaching their dreams, and have the light shine on them. With this goal, we decided to create a magazine where students can show off their hidden talents and get the recognition they deserve, both as individuals and as a school. The Literary Art class took the responsibility of fulfilling this goal; we searched the entire school, going from one classroom to another, talking to different students, and asking them to submit their best pieces. Although, there are some points where we felt as if we were talking to a brick wall, we finally starting getting some trickles, one entry at a time, a poem here, a drawing there, until we had more submissions then we could ever possibly print.. We wish that we could print every single item that students gave us, but we are limited by our pages, bound to fit within parameters. This is Monterey Trail High Schools first edition of Velleity - a magazine that helps the students express their wishes, and receive the round of applause they deserve. It is our own wish, our own velleity, that this will be the first of many magazines to come. We know, without any doubt, that our school is swimming with talent and dreams, and we want to be a venue for promoting those talents.

past editor in chief | jamie tactay [c/o '08];

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Teacher Debra Herburger
Editor Stephanie (Teffy) Chiu
Location LRC 26 / MTHS
Class Literary Publications

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